Paser comes into the world of services:


Automotive market is constantly expanding and diversifying, new car models come out every year, and often new cars differ from other about the CANBUS on board.
How can Paser devices operate without a certain compatibility with vehicles?
Here is the solution: Car Protocols Remote Back Engineering, a unique Paser service!

What does this service consist of? Simple:

1. Customer purchases an UPDATER, with a low price and useful for any other back engineering operation.

2. Customer connects the UPDATER to the vehicle.

3. Through a Skype connection, Customer performs our few simple operations.

4. Via an internet connection, we carries out vehicle data by Remote Back Engineering.

5. Our technicians develop a customized protocol for the new car compatibility.

6. We send the firmware to the Customer.

7. Customer can install the device on his car without problems!


The entire service normally requires only one work day!
Service costs, always contained, are calculated according to the timing of the intervention.

Our availability is full.
Our competence is unique.

Paser is the first company in Europe to offer this service!
There are no others who invest so much for the satisfaction of their Customers!

*For reasons of security and reliability of the service, all data collected are exclusive property of Paser. They do not sell or sell source codes or rights about acquired protocols.
*In case of back engineering support about devices from other companies, please contact our sales department:

For further information on the “car protocol remote back engineering” service, please contact us! 
We are always at your disposal!