Lorry Parking Sensors - CF0049BALO11

Lorry Parking Sensors

Product Code: CF0049BALO11




LORRY PARKING SENSORS is the new reverse gear parking distance control system designed for lorries and commercial vehicles, developed by Paser.
The device is equipped with a ULTRASONIC technology, that allows to detect and communicate through audible warning buzzer and through visual notification by display the proximity to a possible obstacle encounter during the reverse gear maneuver.
The system highlights both the distance in meters, and the progressive increase of the hazard with the approach to the obstacle and operates a detection of a minimum of 20 cm to a maximum of 2 meters and 50 cm away from any obstacles.
The system is activated when the reverse gear is on and turns off when you remove the reverse gear.

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Voltage: 24 V +/- 2 V
Central unit operational voltage: 35 mA +/- 5 mA
Precision detection: 0,3 m - 2,5 m
Display operational voltage: < 200 mA
Buzzer: 70 - 90 dB
Working temperature: - 40° C + 80° C


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