Polaris - Volkswagen (48pin) - CF0080BTVW31

Polaris - Volkswagen (48pin)

Product Code: CF0080BTVW31




POLARIS is able to transfer the navigation info from your Smartphone to the vehicle cluster display.
POLARIS is a simple and quick module to install and its objective is to integrate a professional navigation system into cars not equipped of the Volkswagen Group.
Downloaded a special application into your Smartphone, in fact, you have just to pair the Smartphone to the BT connection of POLARIS.
In few seconds, the navigation will be ready to start and all the indications of navigation will be displayed on the car cluster.
The integration quality is the same as the OEM one and the driver has a safe system to avoid distraction while driving.
All vocal indications, available when there is an important turn during the route, are reproduced by the vocal speech through
the Smartphone speakers or, in case the vehicle is equipped, through the Bluetooth A2DP.

The most important features of the product are:

  • Point of interests: thanks to POLARIS, you can also find, directly displayed on the map, the main points of interest according your preferences, like: restaurants, parking, stations...
  • Audio advice: thanks to POLARIS, it is also possible to receive an audio alert when you exceed the speed limits.
  • Electronic speed control: thanks to POLARIS, you can also get an alert advice about electronic speed control areas.

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