MiniDAB Fakra Kit - CF0058UNDB11

MiniDAB Fakra Kit

Product Code: CF0058UNDB11


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MINIDAB is an advanced Tuner that transforms the car radio in a performing DAB / DAB + receiver, able to play in CD Audio
MINIDAB receives digital signals from a DAB Antenna and modules them to the FM radio installed in the vehicle.
MINIDAB is a universal module compatible with all cars.
The device functions are manageable through a dedicated remote control.
All information provided by the digital radio channel are shown on the radio display (name of the radio channel, title of the
track in broadcast, news, etc.).
The device also allows receiving and managing up to 255 channels and up to 40 favourite channels.
MINIDAB can be updated via the USB port, in perfect Paser style!
MINIDAB kit contains:

  • A MINIDAB module
  • A universal harness
  • A Fakra Antenna Adapter
  • A DAB / DAB+ Antenna
  • A remote control (with 4 or 9 buttons)


Kit contents:
• Minidab module
• Universal Harness
• Fakra Antenna Adapter
• DAB/DAB+ Antenna
• Remote Control (with 4 buttons or with 9 buttons depending on the choice) 


• Universal module compatible with all cars
• Sound quality comparable to CD AUDIO one!
• DAB / DAB + Receiver
• User menu appears on the radio display via RDS
• Management via dedicated remote control
• Stereo FM modulation with 8 selectable frequencies


• Voltage: 12 Volt
• Maximum voltage: 16 volts
• Minimum voltage: 8 Volts
• Power consumption: < 190 mA
• Standby current: < 5 mA
• Temperature range: -20 to +70 C

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