KIT CHARGE CAR is a car battery charger that is almost immediate in its action.
Once connected, in fact, as soon as you turn the key in the ignition, the vehicle will restart!
The module can only be used for motor vehicles: Gasoline up to 5000 CC and Diesel up to 3000 CC.
KIT CHARGE KIT CAR is also a universal charging device for all devices in your possession: smartphone, tablet, PSP, cameras etc.
KIT CHARGE CAR is also a very useful device as flashlight.
Choosing among the various lighting options available, you will have a safe and faithful assistant for all needs.
KIT CHARGE CAR provides an energy dispensation of considerable intensity in a very short time and therefore it needs to be
recharged: this is possible or by connecting it to a 220V domestic socket or more conveniently, to the cigarette lighter socket
during the vehicle driving.

The kit consists of:

  • A set of battery clamps
  • A battery charger module
  • A connection cable for 220V electrical sockets
  • A connection cable for the car cigarette lighter socket
  • A USB / iPod adapter cable (LIGHTNING and 30pin) / microUSB
  • An installation and user manual
  • A briefcase



- Connection to lighter socket (12V working mode)

- USB Output

- Input 220V

- Switching-on current: 200A

- Max Current: 400A

- Full-charge time: 3 hours

- Power supply: 12 VDC


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