Kit Defroster (Programmed Switching) - KITDEFROSTER21

Kit Defroster (Programmed Switching)

Product Code: KITDEFROSTER21




The WINDSCREEN DEFROSTER BAR provides a reliable, simple to install and UNIVERSAL solution to remedy to the winter problem of the frozen windscreen.
The device consists of a perforated bar, able to issue hot air which melts the frost layer product during the winter on the windscreen glass.

The WINDSCREEN DEFROSTER BAR works in PROGRAMMED SWITCHING: the device is automatically activated.
Thanks to a small and intuitive digital timer, in fact, you can program the switching on/off time of the device. After finishing the defrosting process, it will keep the glass perfectly defrosted until the arrival of the user; so the user can start immediately without the inconvenience of waiting for defrosting.
The module must be connected to a 12V/10A socket.
The defrosting process is much faster and more effective than the vehicle OEM defrosting system!
The small size of the device and the simple clamp plugging on the sun visor panel allow a high standard integration in a small space.

*Compatibility is extended to all vehicles.



- Lighter socket connection

- Power supply: 12V Permanent (+30)

- Absorption in sleep mode: 0A

- Working consumption: 6-7 A


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