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MEDIADAB HD allows you to transform your OEM FM radio in a real digital receiver!
MEDIADAB HD receives the digital signal from a DAB antenna and modulates it to the OEM radio of the car.
Device functions are totally manageable from your car steering wheel commands with Canbus, Gmlan or Resistive protocols.
In addition to this, all the original functions of the steering wheel commands are completely kept.
All the information supplied from the radio channel can be viewed on the radio display (name of the channel, title of the song,
news, etc).
MEDIADAB HD uses vocal messages: this guarantees a valid solution to increase the driver safety level, avoiding distractions.
MEDIADAB HD is upgradable through the USB port, in perfect Paser style!
The device allows to receive and manage until 255 channels and until 40 favourite channels.
The easy and fast installation with Plug & Play harness makes this product revolutionary and successful in the World!
MEDIADAB HD functions can be controlled also by the remote control (supplied if requested).

MEDIADAB HD supports the service following management.

Car Compatibility


DAB Tuner

  • New Keystone DAB/DAB+ module
  • DAB Band III channel reception 
  • FM stereo modulation into 8 selectable frequencies with RDS information

Power and Consumption

  • Power Supply: 10/16 VDC
  • Consumption (working mode): 150 mA
  • Consumption (idle):

Steering Wheel Commands Protocols

  • Canbus, Resistive, GMLAN

Display Information

  • RDS - Radio Data System
  • Radio channel information and Menu data can be viewed on radio display


  • MediaDAB HD is upgradeable through the USB port

Vocal Information

  • The Interface menu, when selected, appears on the radio display and can be heard through a synthesized voice from the car system speakers
  • User friendly menu
  • Selectable Languages (choice of 3 among English, German, Italian, Spanish, French, Danish, Dutch, Norwegian)

Size and Working Range

  • Size: 114x82x35 mm
  • Weight:
  • Temperature Range: -20/+80 °C

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