SlimKey OBD - CF0006UN2O11/OB

SlimKey OBD

Product Code: CF0006UN2O11/OB

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SLIMKEY OBD supplies a reliable, cheap and easy solution, for all those cases in which the installer needs to recover a secure
car movement signal.
SLIMKEY OBD is connected to the OBD socket of the vehicle as an universal device.
When connected, SLIMKEY OBD automatically analizes the Canbus data detecting the speedometer signal, thus the car moving
and switches it to an output which can be used to work with some external devices.
The advanced bus acknowledgement functions allow SLIMKEY OBD to work on every vehicle equipped with an OBD socket*; no configuration is required.
SLIMKEY OBD compact size allows a high level integration in small spaces.
SLIMKEY OBD is also available in Plug & Play version for a quickly and safe installation.


 *Compatibility is extended on vehicles with OBD2 port and protocol SAEJ2284 or ISO 15765. (All vehicles projected from 2009 for petrol and diesel engine. It is not verified proper work for vehicles previous 2009 because it depends from the real project year of the car) 

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