Firewall OBD2 - CF0044UNUN31

Firewall OBD2

Product Code: CF0044UNUN31


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FIREWALL OBD2 connects through a Plug & Play harness to the OBD2 wiring, replicating its socket thus functional operations remain unchanged: diagnostics through the socket will be always possible in normal situation and prohibited in anti theft mode.

FIREWALL OBD2 can operate in stand alone configuration by means of a remote control. When a car alarm system is installed, FIREWALL OBD2 can be linked to it and automatically activates the data protection mode when the alarm is inserted.

FIREWALL OBD2 automatically switches to low consumption mode when there is no data exchange on the Can bus. As soon as any activity is detected on the bus, FIREWALL OBD2 immediately restores the communication channel. No data exchange is allowed in any way through the OBD socket when the system is in protection mode.

The FIREWALL OBD2 simple interface is made by a push button and a multicolor LED placed on the module upper face.

The LED shows the module status:
RED: ACTIVE >> the CAN bus cannot be reached through the OBD socket on the dashboard
GREEN: NOT ACTIVE >> the CAN bus is reachable
YELLOW: the module is on setting mode

When FIREWALL OBD2 module is connected to the OBD socket as described in the following page and for the first time, its status is “ACTIVE” (RED LED).
Using the setting menu is possible to pair one or more RF remote control to the device.

FIREWALL OBD2 can be controlled by an existing alarm system installed on the vehicle by connecting the command cable to the reference output of the alarm unit.
Using the Setting menu is possible to choose the command signal reference level (GND or Vcc referred).
It is also possible to choose the activation status for the selected reference signal (ON or OFF activated), the number (1 or 3) of activation and the management through wire/remote control or only by remote control.

When an external alarm system is connected, its activation command overrides the remote control.

When the setting routine has been completed, the module requires to be switched off and on (disconnected/reconnected) to become operational.

Long buzz >> Active | 2 Short buzzes >> Not Active

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