SmartPark - 17mm (Front+Rear) - KIT026UNPS11

SmartPark - 17mm (Front+Rear)

Product Code: KIT026UNPS11




KIT SMARTPARK 17MM allows you to integrate the aftermarket parking sensors with the car original multimedia system.
KIT SMARTPARK 17MM displays information of the front and rear parking sensors on the OEM radio display, using a single module!
KIT SMARTPARK 17MM allows you to show the graphic image of the car generated by aftermarket parking sensors, indicating on the original radio display the position of the obstacles during the manoeuvre, as well as with the original parking sensors.
The kit consists of:

  • A SMARTPARK interface
  • A free wires harness
  • A set of parking sensors Paser Flat Evolution (front + rear Ø 17mm)
  • A set of parking sensors harnesses

Car Compatibility


Caps Diameter: 17mm

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