Jingle - CF00612OJG21


Product Code: CF00612OJG21




JINGLE is able to replicate an acoustic warning outside of the electric vehicles compatible, making safer the driving and the
interacting in the traffic.
Electric cars are totally silent and therefore potentially dangerous: JINGLE beeps to warn other road users of the presence of
a vehicle, thereby preserving the safety of all.
Its main features are:

  • Dedicated buzzer included to be placed in the engine compartment
  • Dedicated button included to activate / deactivate the sound
  • Plug & Play harness included
  • Connections of the module to the OBD

JINGLE can operate in different modes such as:

  • Warning sound activated moving up to 30 Km / h (default)
  • Warning sound activated moving up to 50 Km / h
  • Warning sound activated moving up to 100 Km / h
  • Warning sound activated in motion

It is also possible to define the audible alerts from 3 different sounds: acute, middle, or grave.

Car Compatibility


Power supply: +12 VDC
Consumption at rest: < 1 mA
Absorption: 100mA
Temperature: -10 / +70 °C

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