SlimKey II - CF0006UN2O11

SlimKey II

Product Code: CF0006UN2O11




SLIMKEY supplies a reliable, cheap and easy solution, for all those cases in which the installer needs to recover car analogue outputs from the Canbus line.
Unit main characteristic is that it can supply a 12VDC ignition output with max current of 1,5 Ah.

SLIMKEY is connected to the car Canbus line in the same way as UNICAN is, and like this one it is able to recognize car protocol and consequently to choose the right synchronization to the car.

The module has built in its memory hundreds of Canbus protocols, and it can be easily upgraded. SLIMKEY peculiarity is that the default output that usually supplies the ignition, can be set ,by choice, among speedpulse / lights / back gear / handbrake / parking sensors beepers and mute.

This set-up can be completed following an easy procedure during the installation.

SLIMKEY is available in two versions: SLIMKEY and SLIMKEY2.
The products have the same technical characteristics.
The main difference between them is the outputs number, in fact SLIMKEY2 has two programmable outputs and SLIMKEY one.
SLIMKEY and SLIMKEY2 small sizes offer an high quality integration in a small space.

Car Compatibility

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