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  • Firmware

    Maestro 3.0 Blue


Release Note:
- Bugfix about USB Random
- Bugfix about not show only one directory USB
- Bugfix about unwanted change of the source due to the pressure of gate or garage door remote control
Release Note:
-Improved software stability
Release Note:
- New SW filter for Mercedes: Solved un-blocked seek for VITO 15/16 W447
- Improved automatic profile recognizing for Volkswagen Amarok 2016
- Improved automatic profile recognizing Skoda Superb 2015
- Implemented source button on Peugeot 508 (pression on right wheel)
Release Note:
- Fixed problem with Apple devices updated to iOS version 8.3 forward
- Fixed anomaly sequences after changing automatic profile
- Fixed failure exit from manual Canbus profile
- Fixed failure reset using the interface button
Release Note:
- Import/Export data EEPROM
- Distorsion Audio limit on handsfree kit
Release Note:
- Fixed problem on memorization of DAB favourite channel
Release Note:
- Fixed sporadic DAB audio failure afer signal loss.
Release Note:
- The Bluetooth Pairing remains in memory also when it's removed the 12V power.
Release Note:
First Release

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